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Partnership Challenges Boston Globe Editorial on Commercialization

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The Independent Oil Marketers Association (IOMA), with assistance from the Partnership to Save Highway Communities, criticized the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDot) and The Boston Globe for recommending that the state add commercial services to interstate rest areas in an op-ed published Aug. 23.

In its response, IOMA President and Chief Operating Officer Peter Romano said allowing the state to set up shop along the interstates jeopardizes 1,350 businesses that operate along the highway exits and more than 25,000 jobs.

“Massachusetts already has a monopoly on highway services on the Turnpike,” Romano said. “If MassDOT commercializes the other rest areas, it won’t create new demand for food or gas. It will only transfer sales that would have benefited local communities to the state, threatening well-established small businesses and the jobs they have created, along with the local taxes they pay.”

IOMA also criticized Boston Globe claims that highway businesses fear competition, saying, “Boston Globe reporters should travel the interstate a little more often and visit one of the exits. With businesses going toe to toe on fuel, food and everything else, they would find that competition is alive and well.”