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Expressing Opposition to I-95 Tolls Via Online Petition and Facebook

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Residents and business owners who oppose the Virginia and North Carolina state Departments of Transportation’s plans to toll Interstate 95 now have an opportunity to express their disagreement by signing an online petition and joining a new Facebook page .

Those seeking to express their opposition to state DOT tolling initiatives now can sign an online petition at  They also can “like” the Virginia campaign’s Facebook page. A similar online community, No Tolls I95, is in place for North Carolina, and those opposed to the tolls are invited to join that effort on Facebook.

The website, petition and Facebook pages are an opportunity for Virginia and North Carolina residents, business owners and operators to make their voices heard.

In Virginia, the Department of Transportation has announced plans to construct a toll facility on I-95 in Sussex County, Va. Initially, the tolls are estimated to be $4 for cars and $12 for tractor trailers, and would be charged on north and southbound vehicles.

North Carolina’s DOT has yet to release its plan for toll facilities but is thought to include multiple locations along the corridor.

Dale Bennett, President of the Virginia Trucking Association remarked, “Tolls on I-95 are the most inefficient way to collect revenue for transportation.  They will create road congestion, divert traffic to roads less suited to handle more cars and trucks.”