CStore News Explores Problems Posed by Commercial Rest Areas

Convenience Store News last week featured a guest column by NATSO immediate past Chairman Scott Paulson discussing the threat of expansion of rest area commercialization on interstate businesses and the communities those businesses support.

In the article “State-Run Travel Plazas ‘Rob Peter to Pay Paul,’” Paulson said that most state governments are strapped for cash and will continue to desperately pursue any and all options to raise revenues, including turning their backs on the small businesses and communities along their interstates.

Paulson, who is a partner in Silco Oil Co. with locations in Colorado and Arizona, said location is the single most important factor when it comes to long-term success of an interstate-based business. If states are allowed to set up shop at rest areas, they would have access to prime locations and the years and dollars invested to build his business would be wasted.

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