NATSO President and Chairman Speak to Truck Drivers on Midnight Trucking Radio

NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings and NATSO Chairman Bobby Berkstresser recently appeared on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network to discuss issues that will affect Interstate-based businesses in 2011 and to educate drivers about the negative effects of commercial rest areas.

When asked about the impact rest area commercialization would have on truck drivers, Mullings cited recent data illustrating that truck parking capacity is substantially greater on the stretches of the Interstate highway where commercial rest areas are prohibited. In general, sections of highway in states operating commercial rest areas have two fewer parking spaces per mile, she said. 

Berkstresser, who operates White’s Travel Center in Raphine, Va.,  said commercial rest areas would devastate businesses like his and the nearby communities they support through jobs and tax revenues.

A complete interview can be heard here.

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