Sen. Kirk Companion Bill Introduced in House, Rest Area Commercialization Excluded

Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.) filed a companion bill to legislation offered earlier this summer by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), the Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act. But while Kirk’s bill allows for development of commercial rest areas, the version filed in the House of Representatives by Rep. Hultgren does not.

The members and Government Affairs staff of NATSO, the trade association representing truckstops and travel plazas and a member of the Partnership to Save Highway Communities, communicated with Rep. Hultgren’s office extensively during its “Day on Capitol Hill” and in follow-up meetings about the devastating effects that rest area commercialization could have on truck stops, restaurants, and gas stations along the interstates.

NATSO has strong concerns about both bills, however, as they dramatically expand tolling on existing interstates under a pilot program. NATSO continues to work with members of an anti-tolling coalition to educate members of Congress about tolling and its negative impact on business and highway users.

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