Independent Oil Marketer Testifies Against New Hampshire Study of Rest Area Commercialization

A member of the Independent Oil Marketers Association (IOMA) testified Feb. 7 in opposition to New Hampshire HB 1293, which would establish a commission to study retail opportunities and the sale of gasoline at rest areas on the state’s interstate highways.

IOMA member Tom Frawley of Summit Distribution in Lebanon, N.H., testified before the New Hampshire House Public Works and Highways Committee that federal law prohibits interstate rest areas built after 1960 from offering commercial services such as food and fuel. He also  testified that while Congress currently is in the process of the transportation reauthorization, neither the House nor the Senate bills that have been introduced propose any changes that would allow commercial fuel stations at rest areas.

Regardless of the outcome of HB 1293 or the study it authorizes, New Hampshire could not move forward with gas stations at rest areas on the Interstate Highway System under federal law.

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