Editorial Mischaracterizes Public’s Desire for Tolling

A recent editorial in The Huffington Post mischaracterized the public’s desire for tolling and called on Congress to take a more permissive approach to highway tolling.

Pro-tolling advocacy group, the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) claimed that from California to Massachusetts, states are embracing tolling systems and  suggested that Congress should give its blessing to a trend that has already taken root across the country.  But the article fails to mention that states already have the ability to impose tolls on new roads. Tolling existing lanes on interstates is prohibited by federal law, except under a tolling pilot program created by Congress in 1998, which allows interstate tolling tolling in three states under limited conditions.  Yet, in almost 15 years since the program was created, no state has implemented tolling due to overwhelming public opposition, among other reasons.

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