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  • » Rest Area Commercialization and Truck Parking Capacity (06/21/2011)

    This study takes a systematic look at the number of parking spaces for heavy-duty trucks on commercialized stretches of the interstate compared with the number of parking spaces for heavy trucks on non-commercialized stretches of highway. Utilizing independent third-party data from the 14 states permitted to conduct commercial activities at right-of-way rest areas, the study found that truck parking capacity is substantially greater on the stretches of the Interstate highway where commercial rest areas are prohibited.

  • » Rest Area Commercialization Issue Brief (06/20/2011)

  • » NATSO Written Testimony For the House T&I Subcommittee on Highways and Transit (03/30/2011)

  • » Fueling American Prosperity (01/01/2003)

    A report conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland commissioned by the NATSO Foundation that reveals the devastating economic impact rest area commercialization has on local businesses and the organizations and programs their tax dollars support.

  • » VA - Issue Brief on Virginia Rest Area Commercialization Proposal (04/21/2009)

    A Virginia transportation board recently approved a resolution supporting sales of food and fuel at interstate rest areas. This proposal threatens local property tax revenues used to fund schools, police and fire protection, would further strain Virginia’s economy, and could shrink the number of truck parking spaces in Virginia.

  • » CA, OR, WA - Issue Brief on I-5 commercialization proposal (04/21/2009)

    As California, Oregon and Washington consider an alternative fuels corridor along I-5, highway businesses have a clear message: Especially in today’s economy, proposals to advance alternative fuels must strengthen existing businesses - not threaten the jobs that they support.

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